Friendly 401k


Another Year for the Books.


Here is a description of the accomplishments of the last year. The focus that we had and the message that we strived to convey to our community and clients.


On-site financial wellness meetings coupled with individual planning sessions.


On-site financial wellness was the introduction in place of the enrollment meeting. Our research suggested that plan participants wanted more than just the typical session on what the plan benefits were. Most already knew about the benefits.

We had a structured curriculum in which we presented financial topics that were of interest to today’s workforce. We educated plan participants beyond the traditional issues of asset allocation and risk tolerance.

Social Security, Medicare, and student debt obligations were the highest concern. Our research indicated that across multiple surveys, Social Security consists of 90% of 1 in 5 seniors that are retired.

This further education brought the realization of their unpreparedness for retirement to the forefront. It compelled actions that went much further than just describing retirement plan benefits.

Our second approach was coupling the semi-annual or quarterly worksite meetings with individual financial planning.

We incorporated in-person meetings both on site and off site as well as virtual meetings to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

Our approach was designed to provide individual actionable advice from licensed and fiduciary advisors. We did this because our research indicated that 40% of plan participants are currently stressed about their retirement, and 85% of plan participants would use a financial wellness program if offered through their work.

The results were astounding, and requests for individual appointments exceeded our original expectations. We found that the state of financial literacy in today’s environment was drastically lacking in support.



would use an on-site financial wellness program


are stressed about their retirement



know how much they should have saved


know what the best 401k investment options are


We provide solutions towards the concerns of our workforce.


Our focus was on reducing the stress and financial concerns experienced in today’s workforce.

As the times changed so too has our society. Our experience found that today’s workforce knows they need to save for retirement but many just can’t. It’s understandable given the concerns.

For the younger millennial workers entering into the workforce today, they are saddled with an ever-increasing number of student debt. In 2018, student debt exceeded $1.48 trillion. Over 44 million Americans are entering the labor market with student debt to the eyeballs!

The concerns of the younger generation have shifted to a lower rate of home purchases and a lower rate of savings as they try to grapple with their debt situation.

At the other end of the age category are the pre-retirees who are concerned about their low savings rate. Majority of pre-retirees are still struggling to have their homes paid off and questioning whether they have saved enough for their after-retirement life.

Longevity in today’s environment is drastically changed in comparison to previous generations. The average retiree today spends almost the same amount of time in retirement as they did working. This longer life expectancy is proving to be a drain on retirement savings.

As health care expenses rocket further and higher, individuals are also concerned about their ability to pay for rising medical care.




“Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela


For too long the retirement planning industry went unchecked. Systems operated inefficiently and without guidance. Retirement, what was once the celebration of a person’s lifelong hard work is now a concern.

  • More than 10,000 Baby Boomers are reaching age 65 each day - a pattern that will continue until the year 2030.

  • At least 40 percent of Americans are unprepared for retirement.

  • Only 1 in 2 Americans have access to a retirement plan of any kind.

  • Social Security, the cornerstone of retirement is now underfunded as of 2018.

Retirement readiness is now a crisis, and yet corporate retirement plans such as the 401k are riddled with excessive fees, underperforming funds, and lack of good solid financial advice.

Our process is designed to challenge the failing system, and we do so by incorporating education and passion.

Our educational method is designed to teach plan sponsors how to modernize their 401k plan. We utilize tools to assess the level of performance of the underlying funds and cut excess plan cost where available. Trimming the fat as I like to call it and building a lean, mean retirement machine.

Our passion for helping our community of individuals striving for retirement readiness is exemplified in our easy to understand approach. We don’t talk above you with unknown jargon, but instead, we discuss alongside you in simplified speak.

Seeing our clients retire comfortably is our ultimate goal, and we are happy to be able to do so for hundreds of Americans each year. Join us and let us add you to our list of success.


Simplify Your Retirement Plan Today.