Our Approach

For decades, old school retirement plan advisers operated under one model: assume advisory control of a plan and checked in sporadically to maintain the relationship. Guidance, if given, was at best limited to periodic changes in the investment fund line-up and encouraging plan participants to contribute.

Promoting a healthy retirement plan requires more. It needs more than just having an annual conversation on fees and performance. Advising with an education-based focus is what we excel at, and we do this with a two-prong approach: at the employer level to reduce fiduciary liability and at the employee level to promote financial literacy and well-being.


Employer Level

Retirement is living, breathing and filled with infinite possibilities. Why should your retirement plan not be the same?

We start by crafting a retirement plan that suits your company’s needs and adjusted to ensure it follows all aspects of governmental regulations. Reducing your risk as a fiduciary plan sponsor is of utmost concern and one we do not take lightly.

As your company grows, so should your retirement plan. Throughout the way, we ensure the plan is growing in a healthy fashion using proactive measures towards reducing excessive fees, eliminating redundancies, and revising the funds to incorporate the best-in-class options during market adjustments.

Employee Level

Most advisers interact only with employees through the plan enrollment meeting. The hour long rigamarole on the importance of enrollment serves no further purpose to your employees other than to remind them of all the things they need to do but cannot afford to or prioritize for.

Quite frankly, we prefer not to have employee enrollment meetings. We find the process redundant and time consuming. Which is why we elected to film a virtual enrollment meeting for your employees to access at their own time. More information →

Instead, we spend our time communicating to your employees on The Why and The How.


As the retirement epidemic grows increasingly more significant, federal regulations and oversight become more commonplace. Plan sponsors hold a fiduciary responsibility, and we are starting to see the cracks created from poorly advised retirement plans.

The scrutiny over fiduciary responsibilities of plan sponsors has led to a surge of lawsuits over corporate retirement plans. From fees to the lack of education, or poor investment selections the trials in today’s time are much higher than before the 2008 Great Recession.

Our proactive approach is designed to modernize your retirement plan so that it is in line with today’s environment. Protecting our clients from retirement plan lawsuits means understanding the current landscape, identifying the risk areas and applying the practices needed to mitigate those concerns.

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The Why starts with a better understanding of the current retirement landscape. The educating of our plan participants on how retirement differs significantly from one generation to the next.

The How is a multi-faceted approach designed to take plan participants from unprepared to financially savvy. We replace the boring enrollment meetings with engaging and thought-provoking educational sessions designed to provide actionable advice.

Our subjects rotate on a quarterly basis but include areas such as but not limited to:

  • Budgeting and debt management.

  • Taking control of sky high student loans.

  • Understanding Social Security and Medicare.

  • Age-based investment philosophies.

We do this because empowering our employees to lead a life with their finances well-managed and in check has shown to reduce stress and increase productivity.

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