Our Vision

Education and Innovation.


It all started with the lack of advice.

As a first-generation American, my family arrived in the United States with very little in their pockets and much less in the understanding of the American way. Minimal comprehension of the English language meant that they were ignored and neglected from the institutions that were designed to serve them.

The financial professionals they sought advice from when they were able to invest were not interested in hearing their concerns, dreams, or goals. They were just viewed as a sales transaction.

So from a very early age, I had to instill into myself the education needed to transact on behalf of my family. Being the household English translator meant that I had to anticipate the potential concerns and stay ahead of the conversation.

Financial advice was never freely given. It was provided during the transaction with a cost and from a relationship standpoint, depended heavily on trust.

Trust that the advisor would provide prudent advice that was in the best interest of the client. For many years, this system went unchecked, more so in the corporate retirement planning system. The area in which fiduciary plan sponsors needed help the most was where the advice failed them the greatest.

Shedding the barriers that maintained the elusive status of advisor and client was my objective. I believe that if we can bring down the wall that separated the knowledge and distributed it in actionable ways that would benefit plan sponsors and plan participants it could significantly lead to one objective.

Ensuring that families like mine never lacked in advice.

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Henry Wong

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